My Playwright Sister

Written and performed by James Diamond and Johanna Nutter
Directed and dramaturged by Jesse Stong, 55 minutes

Presented by Creature/Creature, preceded by My Pregnant Brother (formerly a freestanding production)
Written and performed by Johanna Nutter. Directed and dramaturged by Jeremy Taylor.

My Pregnant Brother/My Playwright Sister is a play followed by a play about the play. It's a play on words: a play about the power of and trajectory of words. It’s an afterplay and an interplay.

Montreal reviews for my playwright sister:

"The scenes totally and sometimes brutally deconstruct the original play in a fabulous and original way. This is not a funny Fringe piece; it is a dramatic and gut-wrenching exegesis on family…finally, the very clear and all-embracing love that the two siblings have for each other is the most astonishing revelation of the piece." (Anna Fuerstenberg, Rover Arts).

my playwright sister is an open, raw, highly personal, and incredibly moving experience. If you have ever felt like you live in the fringes of society, if you have ever had a difficult relationship with a sibling, or if you are at all interested in questioning notions of gender and identity, this show will speak to you. If you have ever made a mistake, this show will speak to you, and it will most likely be the kind of show that your mind will wander back to weeks, months, and even years after you have seen it.” (Sarah Stupar, CJLO)

An interview with Jeannette Kelly of the CBC:


Performed at:
Montreal Fringe Festival - Summer 2014
Pivot Festival - Yukon - Winter 2015